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    News — Front-Engine Corvette

    Customer Spotlight - Nicole Maltese & Steven Wallace

    Customer Spotlight - Nicole Maltese & Steven Wallace

       Our May Customer Spotlight belongs to Steven and his wife Nicole and their passionate, corvette loving family son Nicolas and Marie-M.  Nicole, Steven, and family are the owners of both a 2013 60th Anniversary C6 Convertible and a Custom Built 2020 C8 with a Rear Engine.  Nicole and Steven have been Customers for 3 years and has found all their Corvette care and needs can be trusted to CorvetteStoreOnline.com.


       Nicole & Steven have a long lineage of Corvette history that started with Steven purchasing a 1974 Corvette in 1983 just after graduating college.  As we’ve heard countless times from owners, Steven felt immense regret after selling his Corvette and knew he wanted to purchase another at some point down the line. On the other hand, Nicole owned a 1987 Corvette that she purchased and drove from Minnesota to New York where it was unfortunately stolen... but knew she had to get back behind the wheel eventually!

       After meeting and getting married the couple had gone years without sitting behind the wheel of a Corvette, nonetheless owning one!  Close family friends Karen & John Pomarico, who are fellow Corvette enthusiasts and owners of a 2005 C6, are those responsible for igniting the spark that would set Nicole and Steve down the irreversible Corvette path.  Out of the blue at an outing, John turned to Nicole and Steve to casually ask: “Why don’t you buy one and we can be a Corvette family?” 

       Later that evening while sitting on the couch contemplating the idea John had just dropped upon them, Steven asked Nicole what her ideal Corvette model and color might be.  On a whim, but without missing a beat, Nicole told Steven she had her mind set on a white Convertible.  As circumstance would have it the couple was only able to find one white convertible that was available, located a considerable distance away in Tappahannock, Virginia.  Steven and Nicole knew what had to be done.  Accompanied by their friends John & Karen the four hopped in their car, booked a hotel, and headed towards the dealership in Tappahannock.

       After a few GPS mishaps and a late drive in, the family did eventually make it to the dealership where they purchased their 2013 Corvette and drove it home directly off the lot.  The rest as they say, is history, and the friends have been what they now refer to as “Corvette Brothers” ever since. 


     After several years of Corvette Ownership the family went to the 2020 Corvette unveiling at Kerbeck’s in Absecon Island, NJ accompanied by some of their same fellow Corvette owning friends John & Karen.  Nicole and Steven went with no intention of purchasing a new Corvette, but once there they couldn't resist what was before their eyes.  In Nicole and Steven's own words they both threw caution to the wind and said "What the heck, we'll roll the dice and order one" not truly knowing if the order would come through.


       Shortly thereafter Covid struck and turned the auto industry upside down. Steven would watch the list monthly seeing Corvettes all around them be delivered to their new owners… with fate seemingly skipping over them day after day.  Discouraged, the couple cut a deal - if they could get their 2020 by December they would stick with it, but if they were pushed into 2021 they would simply have to give up the prospect of being first year owners.  As luck would have it, finally, after months of waiting their 2020 Corvette was delivered on December 8th.  It goes without saying, but Nicole and Steven are glad they stuck it out and waited. 

       To put it in their own words, Nicole and Steven simply love both their cars. “Our Vette is a true wow factor from G-force, to look and feel and is awesome from start to finish, especially our interior! The 2013 Convertible is so much fun to drive in the summer with the top down.  The 2020 is just an awesome car in every way from top to bottom!  The ride, the response, the looks, it’s got it all and then some.” 

       It’s hard to disagree with an endorsement like that… and even more difficult when so many customers echo the same sentiments!

       Not only do Nicole and Steven love driving their Corvettes – they love accessorizing them!  “We truly love all the items online and have purchased a lot. We own everything from the car covers, to clothing and accessories but one of my personal favorites has been the suitcase (carry on) to match our car. As a Corvette lover we wear it, we carry it and we accessorize in it! In our big and small purchases we have not regretted anything we have purchased from the online store.”


       In addition to their car covers, apparel, and luggage Nicole and Steven have also made some custom upgrades to their Corvettes.  The couple has replaced the Z51 rear wing on their 2020 with a higher after market wing supplied and installed by their dealer.  On their 2013, they’ve added a WindRestrictor with a custom Corvette 60th Anniversary logo on it, in addition to 60th Anniversary logos down the sides, 60th Anniversary branded custom floor mats, and aluminum billets in the side fender openings to cap it off.  If you couldn’t tell, these additions have made for two bad to the bone rides!


       Unfortunately, due to Covid and life changes Nicole and Steven haven’t been able to travel to many car shows or some of the destinations they’ve long dreamed of but hope to do so in the future. Despite this, they still have managed to add an awesome accolade to their resume.  In 2018 the couple was chosen to be one of 165 Corvettes arranged into an American Flag at a Corvette show at the Carlisle Fairgrounds.



       Nicole, Steven, and family - thank you for sharing your wonderful Corvette story!  Stories like these are what Corvette ownership is all about... it's not necessarily about the car, it's about the total experience.  We look forward to hearing more from you in the future! 


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    If you'd like to be featured next, please send us an email at info@carolinaonlineretail.com!

    Customer Spotlight : Stan Krafft

    Customer Spotlight : Stan Krafft

       Our second CorvetteStoreOnline.com Customer Spotlight belongs to passionate Corvette enthusiast Stan Krafft.  Stan and his wife, Jennifer, are the Social and Membership Directors respectively of their local Corvette Car Club in Lodi, California.  With the aid of his own Z06 & Stingray Corvettes, Stan has been featured on his local Fox News station as the promotional ambassador for the Lodi Corvette Club.  In addition to his dedication to his cars and the Lodi Corvette Club, Stan annually leads and plans roughly 20 or so Corvette Club & Event runs a year that are known to host as many as 160 Corvettes!  

       For someone as involved in the Corvette Community as Stan is you'd probably think that his obsession began at an early age, but that's not quite the case.  Though he's long been a fan of the car, Stan's love for Corvettes actually started with his true love, his wife, Jennifer.  “Jennifer actually got me very interested in Corvettes back in 1985 when we first got married” Stan says. “She owned a 1975 Corvette as a young woman and really enjoyed the Corvette experience." 

       Stan and Jennifer purchased a new Corvette Coupe in 2002 and found great enjoyment in their shared hobby.  Unfortunately, a combination of work and life unexpectedly took the wheel shortly thereafter resulting in a period of very limited use or enjoyment of their beloved Corvette.  Not wanting to leave an American Classic sitting unused on the sidelines the couple sold their Corvette in 2011.  "We regretted selling our 2002 [Corvette], [we] really missed driving it and the Corvette experience." 

       After three years self-proclaimed sellers’ remorse eventually got the best of Stan and Jennifer.  In 2014 they purchased a C7 Stingray Coupe – a car they enjoyed so much that they began "arguing" about who would get to drive it!  The solution?  Buy another Corvette of course! 

       In 2018 Stan and Jennifer bought a Z06 Coupe so that neither would have the opportunity to feel deprived of their passion.  Their enthusiasm for Corvettes eventually overflowed into the lives of those around them.  Stan says he didn’t realize the influence his passion had, going on to add “…two of my neighbors, one close friend, and my cousin, have all purchased Corvettes and joined our Club due to seeing how much [Jennifer & I] enjoy the Corvettes and Club events together." 

       As a CorvetteStoreOnline.com customer, Stan recommends the C7 Corvette Z06 Supercharged Carbon Fiber License Plate Frame and Lloyd's Floor and Cargo Mats as his go to custom appearance items.  It's easy to understand why, Stan says complements, photographs, videos, waves and dozens of questions are not uncommon at a given show or gas station when someone gets the chance to see his Corvettes up close.  While you might not be able to ask him a question about his Corvettes right now, rest assured knowing Stan’s cars have never experienced mechanical issues and have plenty of horsepower! Simply put, you better believe the amenities are just as exquisite as the cars and their performance.  

       When asked about his passion for Corvettes, and his love of the Corvette lifestyle, Stan's quote is remarkable: "In my opinion and many others, no other Sports Car regardless, of price paid, can deliver the overall satisfaction, performance, road manners, appearance and [the] pride of ownership than…….'The All American Bad Boy Corvette.' You never get tired of the Corvette experience, and this is all part of it.  Remember: they don’t write songs about Porsches or Ferrari’s…... but they do about Corvettes." 


    Thank you for sharing your Corvette story with us Stan & Jennifer - seldom things are as satisfying as sharing stories about people as passionate as you! 


    If you'd like to be featured with your Corvette in our next Customer Spotlight, please send an email to help@corvettestoreonline.com 


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    The Final C7 Sells for $2.7 Million

    The Final C7 Sells for $2.7 Million

    Back in May, we reported that the last front-engine C7 Corvette would be auctioned off at Barrett-Jackson’s Northeast 2019 Auction at Mohegan Sun Casino. Well, the time as come and the final C7 sold over the weekend for a whopping $2.7 million, making it the highest grossing vehicle donated by an automaker.

    The proceeds will go to the Stephen Siller Tunnel to Towers Foundation, a non-profit that benefits first-responders and injured service members. The foundation honors the sacrifice of firefighter Stephen Siller, who laid down his life to save others on September 11, 2001.

    Foundation chairman and CEO, Frank Siller, stated, “This donation will build at least five homes for our catastrophically-injured veterans to give them their independence and a better quality of life.”

    This isn't the first vehicle GM has donated to the Stephen Siller Tunnel to Towers Foundation. Last year they auctioned off the first production 2019 Corvette ZR1 that sold for $925,000.

    The owner of the last-ever C7 is Daniel Snyder, the same person who reportedly purchased the last-ever Dodge Viper that was auctioned off in 2018.

    The final C7 is a seven-speed manual Z06 coupe in 3LZ trim painted black. It is equipped with the Z07 performance package and includes carbon ceramic brakes, a high-downforce aero package, and Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires.

    With the debut of the mid-engine Corvette just weeks away, CorvetteStoreOnline is stocking up on Next Generation gear. We have apparel and accessories now in the shop and we're adding more everyday! Stay up to date on all of your Corvette news at https://www.corvettestoreonline.com/blogs/news.