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    News — Stan Krafft

    Customer Spotlight : Stan Krafft

    Customer Spotlight : Stan Krafft

       Our second CorvetteStoreOnline.com Customer Spotlight belongs to passionate Corvette enthusiast Stan Krafft.  Stan and his wife, Jennifer, are the Social and Membership Directors respectively of their local Corvette Car Club in Lodi, California.  With the aid of his own Z06 & Stingray Corvettes, Stan has been featured on his local Fox News station as the promotional ambassador for the Lodi Corvette Club.  In addition to his dedication to his cars and the Lodi Corvette Club, Stan annually leads and plans roughly 20 or so Corvette Club & Event runs a year that are known to host as many as 160 Corvettes!  

       For someone as involved in the Corvette Community as Stan is you'd probably think that his obsession began at an early age, but that's not quite the case.  Though he's long been a fan of the car, Stan's love for Corvettes actually started with his true love, his wife, Jennifer.  “Jennifer actually got me very interested in Corvettes back in 1985 when we first got married” Stan says. “She owned a 1975 Corvette as a young woman and really enjoyed the Corvette experience." 

       Stan and Jennifer purchased a new Corvette Coupe in 2002 and found great enjoyment in their shared hobby.  Unfortunately, a combination of work and life unexpectedly took the wheel shortly thereafter resulting in a period of very limited use or enjoyment of their beloved Corvette.  Not wanting to leave an American Classic sitting unused on the sidelines the couple sold their Corvette in 2011.  "We regretted selling our 2002 [Corvette], [we] really missed driving it and the Corvette experience." 

       After three years self-proclaimed sellers’ remorse eventually got the best of Stan and Jennifer.  In 2014 they purchased a C7 Stingray Coupe – a car they enjoyed so much that they began "arguing" about who would get to drive it!  The solution?  Buy another Corvette of course! 

       In 2018 Stan and Jennifer bought a Z06 Coupe so that neither would have the opportunity to feel deprived of their passion.  Their enthusiasm for Corvettes eventually overflowed into the lives of those around them.  Stan says he didn’t realize the influence his passion had, going on to add “…two of my neighbors, one close friend, and my cousin, have all purchased Corvettes and joined our Club due to seeing how much [Jennifer & I] enjoy the Corvettes and Club events together." 

       As a CorvetteStoreOnline.com customer, Stan recommends the C7 Corvette Z06 Supercharged Carbon Fiber License Plate Frame and Lloyd's Floor and Cargo Mats as his go to custom appearance items.  It's easy to understand why, Stan says complements, photographs, videos, waves and dozens of questions are not uncommon at a given show or gas station when someone gets the chance to see his Corvettes up close.  While you might not be able to ask him a question about his Corvettes right now, rest assured knowing Stan’s cars have never experienced mechanical issues and have plenty of horsepower! Simply put, you better believe the amenities are just as exquisite as the cars and their performance.  

       When asked about his passion for Corvettes, and his love of the Corvette lifestyle, Stan's quote is remarkable: "In my opinion and many others, no other Sports Car regardless, of price paid, can deliver the overall satisfaction, performance, road manners, appearance and [the] pride of ownership than…….'The All American Bad Boy Corvette.' You never get tired of the Corvette experience, and this is all part of it.  Remember: they don’t write songs about Porsches or Ferrari’s…... but they do about Corvettes." 


    Thank you for sharing your Corvette story with us Stan & Jennifer - seldom things are as satisfying as sharing stories about people as passionate as you! 


    If you'd like to be featured with your Corvette in our next Customer Spotlight, please send an email to help@corvettestoreonline.com 


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