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    News — Torch Red

    Customer Spotlight: Nolan Russell

    Customer Spotlight: Nolan Russell


    Our first CorvetteStoreOnline.com Customer Spotlight features Nolan Russell and his wife, Michelle, who are members of the Southwest Oklahoma Corvette Club in Cordell, Oklahoma.  Nolan has been a CorvetteStoreOnline.com customer for over 5 years and has taken his passion for his 2014 Stingray to a whole new level in that time.  

    Nolan's award winning 2014 Torch Red Corvette Stingray was initially purchased as a stock production vehicle.  Though it was beautiful as it was, Nolan had bigger plans in mind making some incredible enhancements to his Stingray since rolling it off the lot.  Some of Nolan's upgrades include a custom hood, racing stripes, engine compartment cap sets, fuel rail covers, a new front spoiler and grille, plus a carbon fiber air intake with a Corsa exhaust! Inside, you'll find a beautiful red interior to match with custom interior knob covers and floor/cargo mats completing the look.  Needless to say, if this beauty's cosmetics don't grab your attention... its exhaust definitely will! 

    Not one to be out done, Nolan knows exactly how to show off his Corvette in top style!  If you find yourself at a car show in the Midwest you'll know you've found  Nolan if you see metal street signs directing you towards his Torch Red Stingray display.  This incredible set up is accompanied by a near identical replica "power wheel" Torch Red Stingray, a scale diecast model and of course a red, black and gray checkered display mat to match!  If all that isn't enough of a giveaway, look no further than the guy sitting in his C7 Travel Chair decked out in all kinds of red C7 Corvette apparel... there's a good chance it's Nolan ready to tell you all about his ride! 

    There's no doubt owning a Corvette is more than just a hobby, it's a lifestyle!  One of our favorite things to hear from customers is why they have such a strong connection to the Corvette brand and lifestyle and we think Nolan's answer sums it up perfectly: "From it's simple stock beginning to award winning events this car not only drives like a dream but looks like one too…. this car is fun!”  If that's not what loving Corvettes is all about, we don't know what is!  


    Thanks for being such a great customer, Nolan!  Your car, much like your passion, is awe inspiring.  


    Check out more photos of Nolan's car below!   If you'd like to be featured with your Corvette in our next Customer Spotlight, please send an email to help@corvettestoreonline.com 


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