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    Chevrolet Corvette Stingray/Z06 interior knob kit with carbon fiber overlay. Professionally machined and painted, each part is made from premium aluminum billet and finished with a durable paint coat as rich and lustrous as the one on your Chevrolet Corvette (Stingray/Z06).

    • Knob covers are easily installed over the OEM parts.
    • Comes as a 8 piece set that covers all 8 cabin knobs, 1 dimmer knob, 2 steering column knobs, 1 traction control knob, 2 climate control knobs and 2 tuner control knobs.
    • All parts just press on over original OEM pieces.
    • Hydrographics or (hydro-dipped) is a water transfer ink based process that allows us to offer this product with a carbon fiber finish.
    • The product is still painted and finished with OEM automotive paint and a UV clear coat.
    • Knob kits are painted to order and take 30 days.


      • OEM Color-Matched Paint
      • Made in the U.S.A.
      • Premium Billet Aluminum
      • Meticulously crafted
      • 8 Piece set

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