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    C8 Corvette Covercraft Ultratect Outdoor Car Cover (2020+)



    Your Covercraft Ultratect Car Cover doesn't just keep your ride looking showroom new-this cutting-edge fabric retains its sharp looks longer than other materials. Each cover is stitched together using solution-dyed WeatherMax® SL fabrics, the most fade-resistant you can find! Every single thread is dyed from the inside out, not just on its surface. This advanced coloring process leaves your Ultratect Car Cover fully fade resistant.

    Along with retaining its color longer, the Ultratect Car Cover also delivers superior outdoor protection against water and UV rays. It's finished on both sides with HydroMax to repel rain and morning dew, yet still remains fully breathable for natural drying. And, this lightweight car cover blocks against even the harshest sun exposure.

    Never one-size-fits-all, Covercraft custom tailors the Ultratect Car Cover for a form fit on your ride. Plus, this tight cover holds its shape longer than most and won't get baggy. You even get a solid 4-year warranty.

    This cover fits Corvette years 2020, 2021, 2022, and 2023.

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