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    The WindRestrictor® brand wind screen is the perfect accessory to solve your windblocking needs.

    Enjoy your convertible even more with the reduction in turbulence. You will be able to carry on a better conversation with your passenger or on the phone.
    You'll hear your stereo better and enjoy a more consistent cabin temperature.
    For the ladies out there, you'll notice a huge difference in the tangles and mess of a hair style.

    WindRestrictor®'s most unique feature is the combination of LED lighting and logo.
    You can choose from standard etchings or even work with a graphic artist on a custom design.

    Each lighted order for the Stingray comes with a free 12 volt rechargeable power pack thus no hard wiring is required and you have control of when the unit is on or off.

    -This product is engineered to remain in place once installed. There is never a need to remove it when moving your top up and down or while storing in the winter.
    -A steel bracket system in combination with a 3M product creates a sturdy bond to the rear panel without the need for drilling.
    -Ninety percent or more of customers install this item themselves, however if you are not comfortable you may take it to any dealership or accessory shop.

    A lifetime manufacturer's warranty is included with your purchase. The WindRestrictor.

    Typical installation times vary by product, but the following are general estimates for your use:

    Wind Screen: 10 – 20 minutes

    WindRestrictortor® brand deflectors are guaranteed to never fade, peel, yellow, or crack

    The extreme lighting kit comes with numerous LED colors and a remote which allows the customer to choose any single color at a time, or even the option to choose “light show” features which will have the product fading or flashing at various speeds through different colors.

    **Please note: Smoke is not available with illumination**
    **Due to their custom build, Wind Restrictors are non-returnable**
    **Please note, these are made to order and generally take 10-14 business days. We appreciate your patience.**

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