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    The WindRestrictor for the C4 Corvette Targa Top / Coupe will reduce annoying wind noise and turbulence in the cabin while driving at highway speeds when you have your top off. It will also allow you to hear your stereo better and carry on a conversation with your passenger without having to yell, reducing driver fatigue.


    This product has both form and function though because it is a sleek styling product that allows you to add personalization to your Corvette. Choose from several C4 GM Licensed  graphics or choose custom if you would like a personalized graphic. Ambient LED illumination can also be added with or without remote power and brightness adjustment.  


    Installation is short and simple there is no drilling or permanent modification needed to your vehicle. We use a rigid powder coated steel bracket system that’s mounted to the vehicle with VHB “ very high bonding” tape by 3M. It will come with a couple of power options included and one of them is a short and simple 12V plug that does not require you to splice into your vehicle’s wiring.


    This product is made in Dallas, Texas and comes with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer. 



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