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    The WindRestrictor® brand wind deflector for the 1998-2004 C5 Corvette is licensed by General Motors and can be custom etched to include any of your favorite C5 emblems including the 50th Anniversary Edition. 

    • Our windscreen is the only one on the market for the C5 Corvette that can be left in place all the time once it is installed. This is an incredibly convenient difference in others available because never again will you be rushed to jump out and remove your deflector if you need to close the top in a hurry.
    • The wind deflector mounts using our all-inclusive intricate 4-piece bracket system which requires no drilling. The brackets bond to the chassis under your carpet creating a connection as strong as a weld with no drilling.
    • A lifetime warranty is included with your purchase which guarantees that the product will never fade, yellow, peel, or crack like others on the market.

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