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    The Corvette Covercraft Carband is perfect for quick full body protection for your Corvette. Kiss scrapes, nicks, scratches, dings and other nuances goodbye with this great product from Covercraft!

    Damage is waiting to strike no matter where you park your car. Scratches, dings and chips can occur anywhere, anytime; most commonly from shopping carts at the grocery store, someone hitting your Corvette with their car door, neighborhood kids riding their bikes too close, animals (cats in particular) jumping up on your car, buttons or bling jean pockets brushing against the finish, flying debris on windy days, etc.

    • These Corvette carbands offer 360° protection for use in all parking situations.
    • Carband encompasses all sides of a vehicle with a thick, tight-fitting, self-securing band.
    • Carbands Spacer technology fabric provides a protective barrier for your vehicle. Thick soft material protects paint finish. Breathable for good air circulation. Tight fitting, so it's self-securing.
    • Designed for use in private or public garages, airports, workplace and public parking lots or anywhere additional protection is wanted.
    • Carband is easily installed by placing one end over the front or rear bumper area & then stretching the other end over the opposite bumper area. Adjust along the sides to assure best protective coverage.


    • Fully breathable Spacer Fabric material. Allows air to circulate.

    Storage and Application

    • Simple and easy to install. 
    • Storage bag included.

    Tight Fitting and Self Securing

    • A strip of impact-absorbing material encompasses all sides of your Corvette with a thick, tight-fitting, self-securing band.
    • Can be used with or without a vehicle cover

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