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    Corvette Covercraft Block-It 380 Series All Weather Car Cover



    The Covercraft Block-It 380 Car Cover helps your finish brave indoor and outdoor elements with a new and unique material that naturally rejects enemies of your paint. And, it weighs almost half as much as similar covers, making the Block-It 380 easy for you to use.

    The 3 layers of the Covercraft Block-It 380 Car Cover fabric work as a dynamic paint-protecting team. The top layer halts moisture, pollutants, sap and more for light outdoor use. The underside layer breathes naturally, allowing airflow to reduce heat and help keep the cover dry. And, the middle layer filters paint-eating dust particles, keeping the luster in your auto for years to come.

    Because it's a Covercraft Car Cover, you can count on the Block-It 380 to fit flawlessly and last. It's custom-stitched to your vehicle and will not shrink or stretch. Covercraft even stands behind your Covercraft Block-It 380 Car Cover with a 3-year warranty.

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