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    Corvette Covercraft Block-It 200 Indoor Car Cover

    A Mid-Price Car Cover leader in Quality & Performance



    For indoor or light outdoor use, Covercraft's Block-it Cover meets your standard vehicle protection needs. Crafted from a unique 3-layer bonded polypropylene material, the Block-it Car Cover keeps dust and moisture out while still allowing trapped heat and condensation to escape.

    Because it employs a mid-weight material, the Multibond is quick to put on or take off of your vehicle. And, convenient compact storage is a snap. Plus, the customized shape of the Multibond makes for an exact fit, complete coverage and ease of use.

    The Block-it Car Cover comes in a contemporary grey color that's ideal for reducing surface heat. Best yet, Covercraft backs your Back-it Car Cover with a 2-year warranty.

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