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    2014-2019 C7 Corvette Attack Blue Dry Nano High Flow Air Filter

    Want more horsepower and want to never worry about cleaning your air filter again? The first & only 2014-2019 C7 filter with Nanofiber technology media! This allows for larger power gains while still providing incredible filtration.

    (1) It’s a fact that Nanofiber technology is key to the absolute best filtration without being restrictive to airflow. With over 2 years in the making, we created this delicate balance with our new nano media. Our media captures dirt down to sub-micron particles while feeding your engine more air for more power! Nanofibers are ultra fine. Since the fibers are so much thinner than traditionally spun fibers, you can pack more fibers in the same amount of space which creates more obstacles to stop particulate from passing through without sacrificing airflow!

    (2) In Addition, we also redesigned the shape & size of our filter. Our patent-pending design is less restrictive than the stock filter & has more surface area which feeds your engine more air for larger power gains! Our filter is bigger than the stock filter but NO modification is needed to your stock air box. Simply drop it in and go!

    (3) The media is dry so no oil or chemicals are needed to clean or treat the filter. The filter is washable and reusable. Made in the USA. It’s completely in a league of its own.

    This C7 Corvette Attack Blue Dry Nano Filter is one of the best quality on the market and made in the USA.

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