The C8 Corvette: Hybrid Option and Mid-Engine Speculation

The media is at it again this week. There are so many rumors surrounding the C8 Corvette that we don’t know what to believe, but we like what we’re hearing.

Bob Lutz, former GM product czar, claims that the new generation will have a plug-in hybrid option. He predicts 10-15 mile plug-in electric capability that comes from a lithium-ion battery pack no larger than 5 kilowatt hours. There is also speculation that the plug-in ‘Vette will be able to achieve 50 mpg city.

A plug-in option only adds to what is already rumored to be the biggest change in Corvette history to date: the mid-engine layout. Earlier in the week, the Detroit News cited several company sources, stating that the mid-engine ‘Vette is indeed on its way in 2019. Codenamed “Emperor”, the new model has been dubbed “the worst-kept secret in town” according to GM product chief Mark Reuss. Bob Lutz also confirmed that the mid-engine layout was approved but then put on the back burner before the company’s bankruptcy in 2009. For more on the mid-engine layout, check out our post from a few weeks back.

With so many potential changes on the horizon, we have a feeling that the 8th generation will be the most radical yet.


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